traveltuesday photoblog: new mexicana

this seems to be becoming a theme, in my blogging and in my life, this trying to understand the place i came from and the place i am: new mexico. i think, somehow, posting photos as if i am a tourist in my own state seems to help me work through my issues with being back here, after so long and so many resolutions never to return.

in fact, i am enjoying it.

so here’s your travel tuesday photo blog. a selection of a few snapshots that capture what i think of as “new mexicana” – the unique essence of this place that i fear may be dying. let’s keep it alive, at least in photos.

turquoise and adobe – the primary colors of new mexico. and these, the quintessential row of slightly grotty mailboxes. nothing another coat of paint won’t cure.

snapped in santa fe off canyon road.

hippies are to taos what art is to santa fe: a plasticizing breed. but this “bus stop” is one of the few true hippie moments still left in taos – a reminder that there are still unique and funky things in the world.

snapped on the eastern side of the rio grande gorge.

my friend tag christof is obsessed with dying buildings. so i always take pictures of them now. this is the zia theater in fort sumner, new mexico – a dead cinemahouse in a dying little town.

fort sumner is also home to billy the kid’s grave.

red ristra, azure sky, brown buildings. you can’t get much more new mexico than this combination of colors and things. such beauty. such contrast.

snapped in the courtyard of the new mexico museum of art in santa fe.

if you ever get the chance, please stop at clines corners. essentially a truck stop, this yellow eyesore sits on I-40 east of albuquerque. inside is a veritable museum of americana – toys from bygone ages, still sitting on the shelves waiting for little jimmy to beg to take one home. as a child, i was always intrigued by the rattlesnake eggs in manila envelopes, the fringe-adorned “indian jackets”, the beaded bracelets. i guess i still am.

snapped inside clines corners truck stop.

in new mexico, you find yourself predicting the weather based on if the road has just been grated, and there is inexplicable solace in complaining with your neighbors about the washboard condition of the bumps.

snapped along NM 112 at el vado reservoir.

One response to “traveltuesday photoblog: new mexicana”

  1. Great post! I love the photos, especially the last one with my Where’s Wally? style appearance 🙂


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