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New Mexico Might Just Be the Trippiest State in the U.S. | Thrillist
Ultimate guide to things to do in China | Lonely Planet
Definitive guide to China’s national parks | Lonely Planet
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How To Spend a Week Exploring Guizhou, China’s Mountainous Outback | Culture Trip
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50 coolest neighbourhoods in the world: OCT, Shenzhen | TimeOut
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Horizon Guide to China
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 | The Independent
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DK Eyewitness Beijing & Shanghai (author; forthcoming)
DK Eyewitness China (editor; forthcoming)
Unforgettable Journeys

Media Interviews

See my Dark Skies page for all of my media work and interviews related to dark skies.

Former Lonely Planet editor Megan Eaves joins Visit Uzbekistan magazine | Tashkent Times
CNN ‘What happens when staycations fall apart’ – quoted about Covid-era travel in the UK
BBC Russian Service – quoted about Central Asia’s selection as Lonely Planet’s top 2020 region
BBC World Service – TV interview about opening of tourism in Uzbekistan (2018)
Money Magazine – quoted about Xi’an’s inclusion in Lonely Planet’s top 2018 cities
Great Destinations – radio interview about global craft beer (2018)
Forbes – quoted about Mongolia’s inclusion in Lonely Planet’s top 2017 countries
Cosmopolitan – quoted about why South Korea was a great holiday destination for 2017
Daily Mail – quoted about Seoul’s inclusion in Lonely Planet’s top ‘secret places’ (2016)
KPAM Travel Show – radio interview about New Mexico’s lesser known travel spots (2010)

Lonely Planet

China (16th ed, forthcoming)
Best Places to Eat in Every Country
Ultimate Travel List (2nd ed)
Travel Goals: Inspiring Experiences to Transform Your Life
Three Hours From
Best of London 2020
Tibet (10th ed)
Amazing Train Journeys
Wellness Escapes
Epic Hikes of the World
Central Asia (editor, 7th edition)
Global Beer Tour
(15th ed)
(10th ed)
 (14th ed)
World’s Best Street Food
World’s Best Brunches
Quite a few Best in Travel editions

Just back from: Tibet
Just back from: Suzhou
Just back from: Uzbekistan
Inside the brewing of an international IPA
Just back from: Kyrgyzstan
Just back from: the Northern Highlands of Peru
Here & Now: Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival

Where to travel based on your Harry Potter Hogwarts house
Highlights of Guizhou, China’s secret southwest province
A must-visit list of incredible Silk Road sights in Uzbekistan
Where to travel based on your Chinese zodiac sign
Astrological adventures: where to travel based on your zodiac sign
Sunrise over Jade Mountain: a trip up Taiwan’s Alishan Forest Railway
Travel trends for 2019: dark sky tourism
Baltic bar crawl: booze cruising between Tallinn and Helsinki
Night sky Britain: aurora-spotting and stargazing in England, Scotland and Wales
Stellar views: stargazing in the Southwest USA
‘Red or green?’ New Mexico’s most mouth-watering dishes
Lost at the centre of the world: Kyrgyzstan’s wild Tien Shan
Porter the Great: discovering Russia’s craft beer scene
Easy Uzbekistan: the Silk Road by high-speed train
Walking Hadrian’s Wall: a coast-to-coast hike across England
West of the Yellow River: a faraway journey through Gansu
Bière de garde: a traveller’s guide to beer in France
East Asia’s craft beer revolution: the ultimate guide to Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and China
Must-see sights in China’s wild northwest
Olympic slopes: a guide to skiing and snowboarding in South Korea
What to eat in Macau

Zen retreat: a beginner’s guide to Korean temple stays
Hip Hong Kong: new art galleries and trendy restaurants
Taiwan: a secret foodie wonderland
The essential guide to backpacking China’s Silk Road

A do-it-yourself Breaking Bad tour of Albuquerque
Hot spring hunting in the Southwest USA

Academic Papers

English, Chinglish or China English?: Analysing Chinglish, Chinese English and China English | English Today, Cambridge University Press, Volume 27, Issue 4, December 2011


This Is China A Guidebook For Teachers Backpackers and Other Lunatics

Insiders Guide to El Paso by Megan Eaves