london, calling.

i began this post weeks ago. i had great intentions of telling you all the wonderful news that bill and i would be moving to london in a little over a month’s time. that my wonderful husband had secured a wonderful new job (with an energy news site off fleet street, no less!) and that even i was interviewing for a fancy job in one of the world’s greatest cities (i didn’t take it, by the way. i turns our i really AM way too much of a hippie to want to work in a corporate office.)

so here we are. it’s five weeks later and i’m blogging from the back room of a tiny camera shop-cum-cafe around the corner from the british museum, from my ipad. (first time using wordpress for ipad, by the way, and i’m loving it now that i learned how to turn off apple’s crazy auto-correct feature, which always hated my ee cummings-esque non-use of capital letters.)

we’ve been in london for 4 days now and i already love it. the way that hipsters and power suits alike dart down the streets, rushing to and fro, ducking into busy shops boasting mobile top up cards and cans of ale, or munching on designer sushi bentos at lunch.

the people here are so friendly. i don’t know what you might’ve heard about london, but i always heard that londoners (and perhaps the english in general) were a bit cold, but not so. everyone greets you with smiles and thank-yous and have-a-good-days.

it’s no secret that i didn’t love prague. it’s weird because i always felt this sort of silent pressure to love it, both from people living there and even friends and family abroad. and it’s not to do down our friends there that do love prague. i am delighted it works for them. it just didn’t work for us, and i think that should suffice to say.

but – and i don’t think any of my prague friends will take offence here – i’ve eaten better in that past 4 days than i did the whole year in prague. woman cannot live on sausage alone.

2 responses to “london, calling.”

  1. Nice one! Live blogging with the iPad direct from the scene, impressive! 🙂


    1. thanks, although it took me 30 minutes to insert one photo and i still can’t get the ‘read more’ function to work! lol.


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