praha, day 1

Photo by Megan Eavesevery building in prague is beautiful. i am not kidding. even the ones that are junked out and covered in graffiti are, like, amazingly beautiful. they all seem to be various shades of gold, yellow and rose pink and walking around here is like the best, most magical day at disneyland. only it’s real. even they way the paint is perfectly faded and chipping off in places seems planned – like they designed it that way to make it seem older and better. i keep walking under these huge stone archways that are like about a gazillion years old and believing that, around every bend, i’m going to stumble upon the ‘pirates of the caribbean’ ride.

but no. it’s all cute cafes with umbrellas in bright green that read PILSNER URQUELL and chalkboards that offer you something delicious like a sausage stew.

it is my first day in prague. here is what i have come to know and love about the first day in a new city (particularly a european one): i have the luxury of being completely anonymous. no one knows me and there is not a chance i will smack into someone i know. my whole existence is in my handbag – map, camera, laptop, money, lip balm and lotion – and i won’t need anything else today. as i walk down the street, mostly wandering because i don’t know my way yet, i could be anyone from anywhere. my life as i’ve known it disappears along with all its baggage. it is both powerful and freeing to, for those few and luxurious hours, be completely rid of yourself.

in my mind sometimes, i reinvent myself. i am a spanish student or an irish spy. and the people that pass me, they totally buy it, because they don’t know me! it is glorious.

so this is day one in prague – my first and last.

2 responses to “praha, day 1”

  1. […] July 27, 2010 — Megan Here is my suitcase on the floor of our hotel room in Prague. It weighs exactly 22.22 kilos, or 49 lbs. I know this because I had to pack all of my belongings […]


  2. So glad you found yourselves in that city. It has long been at the top of my “must visit” list, and I know you’ll discover lots of hidden treasures there.
    xoxo —


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