abq in my rearview, prague on the horizon

Photo by M.G. Bralleywe’ve given it 10 long months, but we are saying good by to ole new mexico. for some reason, in the past two weeks since bill found out that he was hired by the prague post (that’s right, in the czech republic), we have done nothing but celebrate and consolidate and i have not been able to pull myself up to this blog and write about it.

so, off to prague we are, and excited, oh yes very excited. bill’s new position will be as web editor and reporter for the newspaper (which is prague’s biggest and best english-language paper, we’re told). i am going to continue my foray into the world of freelance writing, and with the czech koruna backing me, i may be able to make a bit more money. i may also get a prague book out of it, who knows?

saturday, we had a huge yard sale that helped rid us of all our stuff. we’re left with a mostly empty and echoing apartment and the clothes on our backs, which will get us to prague.

i am trying to count how many times this blog has changed and it’s changing yet again – for the foreseeable future – to be a blog about life in the czech republic, a place i never dreamed i’d live and one i know next-to-nothing about.

i couldn’t be more excited.

4 responses to “abq in my rearview, prague on the horizon”

  1. good on ya, mate.


  2. I’ve not been there so far, but all I know is that Prague is a beautiful old city, and it used to be rather cheap (but I guess with the Euro etc… .it might no longer be so)… anyways, Czech Rep. is gorgeous I hear… wish you two all the best and a great time there… and let us know when you cross the border 😉


  3. How exciting that you’re off to Prague! I know I would love the architecture there. I’ve just discovered your site, now that I’ve started my own travel blog, and will definitely check in again to see your pictures

    Love Albuquerque and Santa Fe..my husband and I are heading down that way in the fall. Good luck with the move…



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