the big TIC giveaway

the time has come, dear readers, for a giveaway.

i’ve never done a giveaway on my blog before, but we are rapidly approaching the 1-year birthday of “this is china” and, well, shucks, i’d like to celebrate. it was, in fact, june 24 of 2009 that ‘this is china’ officially released to the world and it has been a good year – a year of learning, of growing and of a few small sales. in my world, a very exciting year indeed.

here’s how the giveaway is going to work. entries will be accepted between today (may 30) and thursday, june 24 – almost a month. there are three ways to enter:

– leave a comment here on this blog telling me why you want or need a copy of the book, or about your zaniest middle kingdom adventure. (1 entry)

“like” the book on facebook and leave the same reason or story on our facebook wall. (1 entry)

follow me on twitter @megoizzy and send a tweet with your reason or story. (1 entry)

do all three and your chances of winning go up! the winner will be chosen by a random draw on june 24 and i will send you a free copy! couldn’t be easier, right? [tweetmeme]

if you have a friend or family member going to china that you’d like to win the book for, you can certainly do so, or ask them to enter, too, upping your chances! if this giveaway is a success, i will consider doing another in the near future.

so, get tweeting, facebooking and commenting. good luck to all!

One response to “the big TIC giveaway”

  1. Hi I would love a copy of the book as I have been working in China for 2 years and continuosly found myself baffled from my experiences.


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