the button club

How to Sew a Button by Erin Briedin a little less than 2 weeks time, myself and 25 other gals will be commencing the button club. this all started about a month ago, when michaela mentioned the book on our VERY SECRETIVE GIRL’S BOARD at the forums. she said she was going to try doing some of the activities out of the book how to sew a button (and other nifty things your grandmother knew), which has since spiralled into 26 of us banding together across dozens of states to attempt a co-blogging project while we try to learn every skill in the book.

first let me say this: the book is really freaking cool. as the title says, it is filled with basic instructions for several dozen household/domestic/womanly (type) activities that women of yore would’ve known how to do but that women of my generation are sadly inept at.

on may 1, we start. the first activity is going to be ‘how to fold a fitted sheet’, and if you’re anything like me, your fitted sheets are balled up on a shameful topmost back shelf in the cupboard.

[tweetmeme] the most exciting aspect about all of this is that the author, erin bried, has been in touch with us (or, rather, we have been in touch with her thanks to kari and twitter) and is even going to grace our humble little blog with a guest post! needless to say, this whole thing has completely spiraled out of control.

if you care to follow us, check out the button club blog, where we’ll be posting our rants and raves and reports on how we’re doing. it’s sure to be completely mental with 26 gals all blogging at once, and for that i am completely stoked.

3 responses to “the button club”

  1. Ack! We are of one mind. Totally love it!


  2. Man, you girls make me feel so awesome with all of the publicity! This will be so fun!


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