the life of a travel writer

when i realized this morning that it has been nearly 2 months since my last blog entry, i almost spit up my bewley’s tea. where has the time gone? and what has gotten into me? i am a professional writer, forgod’sake! you’d think i’d be able to keep up my own blog.

[tweetmeme] therein lies the problem. i’ve been doing so much writing lately, i have neglected my own blog. and there’s only one surefire way to cure blog neglect: REDESIGN. so that’s what i’ve done. i’ve finally jumped on the wordpress bandwagon (as it is now the industry standard for blogging), and figured out a way to import the wordpress blog to iMac by using an iFrame and some very good advice from Artotems. i love macintosh, but it is not always the most compatible thing in the world with other products, and that does bother me. nonetheless, you can now find gypsytracks on both wordpress and my own website, which is great.

i am trying to find time to juggle so many writing projects, which with the holidays and bill’s and my recent move to a new apartment, is not going as planned. first and foremost, my exciting new project is an insider’s guide to el paso, for which i signed a publishing contract with globe pequot press. i plan to blog a bit about what it is like to write a conventional guidebook, since i know a lot of people out there are both enamored of the travel writer’s lifestyle and curious about just what does it take to write a guidebook.

other ongoing projects that steal my time from this poor gypsytracks blog are the students in europe blog, which is an online guide and news center for students studying or traveling in europe. on a good week, i write 3-4 blogs there.

and of course, there is the circumference, one of my first real online writing gigs and a site that i would personally love to read, even if i wasn’t writing for them. in addition to writing regular articles for them about my experiences in various places around the world, i also handle the circumference’s twitter and facebook accounts as the site’s community manager. i’m also the albuquerque city guide examiner for, a site that pays virtually nothing (don’t believe what they tell you!), but which i enjoy writing for because it allows me to explore my own city with fresh eyes. and there are lots of other one-off projects that come and go via elance, a site i  use semi-regularly to find freelance writing jobs. i also recently finished a series of projects for sosauce, a social networking site for ‘travel geeks’.

so, i finally feel like i am doing what i’m supposed to be doing, which is essentially sitting around in jammies all day writing travel stories. not all of them are glamorous and many are just small projects designed to up the ever-dwindling balance in my paypal account. but nonetheless, writing is what i love and so it is what i do.

welcome back to life, blog!


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