the long-awaited results

it is 2:47 on the afternoon of thursday, february 14. valentine’s day. SAINT valentine’s day, as it were. i have just received my marks for semester 1, as DCU apparently keeps grades hostage for weeks, causing agony, insanity, and near rioting amongst most of its student body.

i passed all of my modules. my lowest grade was a 62% (60% is the pass mark) and my highest grade was a 70% – 70% is the pass mark for graduating with 1st class honours – aka top honors, summa cum laude, whatever you’re familiar with. i still can’t quite get my head around the irish grading system, but the point is that i passed, and even EXCELLED in one of my modules (definitely the best out of the three essays i wrote in the end, anyway).

additionally, i just sold my first booking of chinese ad space after 2 labourious months toiling away in this office, sending thousands of emails to limited or no response. finally, one has come through. now the chinese have reason to keep me working here for another while, thank god. although i am not making any money at this job (really), i am treating it as a very instructive intercultural internship. and it’s a lead in to the marketing world, in which i am most interested.

finally, i have a date tonight. on valentine’s day! shocking, to say the least. it is with a very nice handsome chap from south dublin that i’ve been out with a few times before. i can’t believe how cliche i am.

films about joyce, 70% assessment marks, chinese adspace… i love ireland.

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