sick sick sick

in every place i’ve been, there are different accepted remedies for a cold. i’ve started to wonder if these remedies don’t somehow reflect the cultures from which they originate. for instance, in the united states, we always say to eat chicken soup and drink orange juice. and its funny because, having grown up with this idea that chicken soup is a cure all – that is really all i want to eat when i’m sick. it’s like this weird pavlovian craving.

in china, you’re advised to avoid fish and eat more fruits and cold things. this is because, if you have a cold and you eat HOT things, it’s too much of a shock to your system. also, it is completely normal to go and get an IV of fluids for the common cold. in fact, you will even see people roaming around on the streets holding up their IV bags with an umbrella!

i’m sure you can only guess what they recommend for a cold in ireland. just go on… take a guess. did you say alcohol? YES. hot whiskey. this is the single most commonly “prescribed” (by friends, relatives, and know-it-alls) remedy for a cold or the flu. since i’ve been sick (about a week now), i have had hot whiskey recommended to me about 5 times. i have also seen people taking hot whiskey for their colds!

so, i decided to give it a try. the problem is, i really really don’t like whiskey. so, i’ve opted for irish coffees, which are coffee, whiskey, and cream. granted, the coffee probably undoes all the good that the whiskey is supposed to be doing, but at least i am getting the whiskey in the process right?

maybe not.

i really wish this illness would just GO. i’ve 3 massive essays to finish (2 not yet even started) and christmas is on the way. and then after that, kenneth coming to visit! wooooot!

someone pleeeeeease bring me some soup.

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