3 km, 3 am

i am wrecked for several reasons.

1) i got a job working in an outdoors retail shop that sells stuff for skiing, hiking, climbing, etc. so, i’ve been on my feet a lot this week.

2) i have been walking everywhere. this compounds the aforementioned foot problem.

3) the “going out” phenomenon. it’s like… relentless. and yes yes, you can all say “oh poor you, you are stuck going out to irish pubs every night of the week” blah blah blah. however, it’s harder work than you imagine! let me tell you a little story.

saturday night i was in the city centre with some people i’d met at DCU orientation – several american girls, one of whom has an irish boyfriend, so added to that were several irish guys. they were going to places that weren’t really my particular taste (younger crowd, house music, etc), but hey, i can survive in just about any bar on earth, so i was alright. but this was after working 9 hours (standing up, remember) and then walking from the bus stop home, then back to the bus, then from the bus to the bar. obviously, standing in a crowded bar all night wasn’t helping my foot situation, but yknow… beer works, so i was doing okay.

the real problem came at 3 am, after we’d gotten some slightly-past-midnight snacks and were going to all split a cab back up to the northside (where we all live). the token irish boyfriend (who is, really, a very nice northside dubliner) seemed to think we’d better not wait in the taxi queues on o’connell street, but rather take a side street and find one along the way. fine, whatever… as you can guess, no taxis appeared and i ended up walking all the way home. that’s 3 km at 3 am.

yes, i had the presence of mind to wear decent shoes. in fact, i’ve all but abandoned my practice of wearing hooker-height heels because i did that one day last week to a luncheon and that was, really, the start of my foot problems.

needless to say, last night i dragged myself home after working a full sunday, sat down on my bed and never got back up again. i felt literally crippled when i tried to go downstairs to the toilet in the middle of the night. i was all hunched over and hobbling. this is not good!

anyway, things are coming together a little better now that the prospects of money (wages plus student loans) are sorted out. i just have to figure out a way to curb the pubbing down to about 1 night a week or i am never going to survive this.

god, i’m old!

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photos of a day at the guinness storehouse and others:

dublin 3

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