the big TIC giveaway

the time has come, dear readers, for a giveaway.

i’ve never done a giveaway on my blog before, but we are rapidly approaching the 1-year birthday of “this is china” and, well, shucks, i’d like to celebrate. it was, in fact, june 24 of 2009 that ‘this is china’ officially released to the world and it has been a good year – a year of learning, of growing and of a few small sales. in my world, a very exciting year indeed. Continue reading “the big TIC giveaway”

the button club

How to Sew a Button by Erin Briedin a little less than 2 weeks time, myself and 25 other gals will be commencing the button club. this all started about a month ago, when michaela mentioned the book on our VERY SECRETIVE GIRL’S BOARD at the forums. she said she was going to try doing some of the activities out of the book how to sew a button (and other nifty things your grandmother knew), which has since spiralled into 26 of us banding together across dozens of states to attempt a co-blogging project while we try to learn every skill in the book. Continue reading “the button club”

the new wave of travel writing: 9 essential skills

travel writing used to be very different. even 10 years ago, it was a travel writer’s job to take people where they couldn’t otherwise go. to describe scene and place. to be flowery and good with adjectives and to write long, exponential pieces about the world the way others didn’t, and perhaps couldn’t, see it. that’s all changed now. i am about 15 years too late in saying “this internet has changed everything”, but it’s especially true of travel writing. and it has changed fast. Continue reading “the new wave of travel writing: 9 essential skills”

the life of a travel writer

when i realized this morning that it has been nearly 2 months since my last blog entry, i almost spit up my bewley’s tea. where has the time gone? and what has gotten into me? i am a professional writer, forgod’sake! you’d think i’d be able to keep up my own blog.

[tweetmeme] therein lies the problem. i’ve been doing so much writing lately, i have neglected my own blog. and there’s only one surefire way to cure blog neglect: REDESIGN. so that’s what i’ve done. i’ve finally jumped on the wordpress bandwagon (as it is now the industry standard for blogging), and figured out a way to import the wordpress blog to iMac by using an iFrame and some very good advice from Artotems. i love macintosh, but it is not always the most compatible thing in the world with other products, and that does bother me. nonetheless, you can now find gypsytracks on both wordpress and my own website, which is great. Continue reading “the life of a travel writer”