bread and butter

with the el paso guide done and sent, i thought i would have plenty of time to sit around, watch alias reruns and drink margaritas. turns out, having two guidebooks under your belt means there is no shortage of freelance work available. currently, i’m writing another article for unearthing asia‘s second issue. i’m also penning a series of 3k word city guides for a danish travel agency’s website and i’m handling the blog for uk hotel map. i’m also working on a new study abroad ebook for a client that hired me via elance, which is due at the beginning of may, and i’m trying to keep up with my examiner gig, as well as exploring the worlds of demand studios, and textbroker and, of course, Continue reading “bread and butter”

creating the world we want

it’s monday and what could a girl want more than some great travel reads and a cute clutch to throw into the luggage for a night out when travelling? to that end, i give you irish jaunt and kattybabylove purses.

i am a big believer in self-employment, handmade items and personal attention in this world that is so corporate, global and unattentive. that’s why i absolutely adore the handmade purses, clutches and wallets that my good friend kathleen has started making and selling through her etsy shop, kattybabylove. the clutch above is a sampling of the items that will become available in her shop over the coming weeks – items that are handmade by kathleen and sold straight from her. i love this concept and i admire anyone like kat that has a knack for sewing. Continue reading “creating the world we want”

the life of a travel writer

when i realized this morning that it has been nearly 2 months since my last blog entry, i almost spit up my bewley’s tea. where has the time gone? and what has gotten into me? i am a professional writer, forgod’sake! you’d think i’d be able to keep up my own blog.

[tweetmeme] therein lies the problem. i’ve been doing so much writing lately, i have neglected my own blog. and there’s only one surefire way to cure blog neglect: REDESIGN. so that’s what i’ve done. i’ve finally jumped on the wordpress bandwagon (as it is now the industry standard for blogging), and figured out a way to import the wordpress blog to iMac by using an iFrame and some very good advice from Artotems. i love macintosh, but it is not always the most compatible thing in the world with other products, and that does bother me. nonetheless, you can now find gypsytracks on both wordpress and my own website, which is great. Continue reading “the life of a travel writer”