traveltuesday photoblog: pot o gold

after yesterday’s rant about a movie filled with awful cliches and stereotypes about ireland, i decided to remind myself that all stereotypes are born out of some kind of truth.

here, in county clare, where a rainbow meets doonagore castle flanked by emerald green, it takes little imagination to envision a leprechaun hording his pot of goodies just below.

snapped just north of the cliffs of moher, with ballyvara and coogyulla beyond.

photoblog: the organs

Organ Mountains, Las Crucestoday’s photoblog was snapped at the crest of san augustin pass in the organ mountains near las cruces in southern new mexico.  here we are looking east toward the white sands missle range, where all you can see for leagues are cactus and the bluish hues of mountains and beyond. i love new mexico.