getting a US greencard – step 2

yesterday, bill and i completed step 2 of getting his u.s. greencard: biometric data. while this sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, it is actually quite simple.

fingerprinting and a photo.

we had received a letter about 2 weeks ago informing bill that he had to appear at the local Continue reading “getting a US greencard – step 2”


on getting a u.s. green card

some of you may not know that, since october, bill and i have been working to apply for his u.s. green card. this mysterious process is very seldom talked about on the INTERWEB except on dodgy forums where you never know just who you’re actually talking to. so, in an effort to put some information out there about this process, i’m going to start blogging about it occasionally.

just to be clear, a green card is otherwise known as a permanent resident card, and there are several ways to go about applying for this. Continue reading “on getting a u.s. green card”