who would’ve thought…?

Balloon Fiesta
Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, 2009

after all these years, i have ended up back in new mexico. what an interesting irony life is. i suppose perhaps the most ironic thing of all is that i could not be happier to be here. enjoying the blue blue sky and the warmth of the desert sun on my face. the sweet lack of humidity. and green chile, oh yes, green chile. there is so much to love about new mexico. Continue reading “who would’ve thought…?”


a USA top 8 list

USA Top 8
Road tripping is a USA must

i am a crab. i am so crabby about the united states it’s not even funny. despite a more or less wonderful trip to the US this past month, i still have not a good word to lay down about it and am constantly compelled to complain about the place. in an effort to affront this tendency and look on the brighter side, i’ve decided to compile a top 8 list of great things we did on our august holidays in the states. how ‘bout that? Continue reading “a USA top 8 list”

“wrong on so many levels”

i must admit it. i LOVE anthony bourdain. lately i have been spending all my free, waking hours (of which there are surprisingly few) watching chopped up episodes of ‘no reservations’ on youtube. i fucking love it.

the man is slowly making his way up my list of heroes and people i would like to sit down with over a beer and a meal. he just has the right outlook on life, and beyond that, a fantastic turn of phrase. and well, let’s face it – the man knows food. Continue reading ““wrong on so many levels””