suburban prague

as you may notice, my last post was in november. it is now march the fourth. i would love to say that time has just gotten away from me here in my enjoyment of prague, but that would not be enitrely truthful. time did get away during december and january, when we had friends visiting for the holidays and then were off for several weeks for our dublin wedding and subsequent honeymoon in lisbon and rome. and i suppose i could’ve blogged about all that, but i didn’t.

so here we are in march.

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a bitch of a thing

Photo by Florin Draghicicross-cultural specialists like to focus on overcoming things. for instance, overcoming communication barriers. overcoming language difficulties and overcoming religious differences. and most of all, they like to focus on overcoming culture shock. having studied this soft science for five years, i know it inside out and upside down. i know the five phases of cultural adjustment by heart and i’ve written about them. i have been through it more than once and i know the symptoms of culture shock – or what i prefer to term cultural readjustment syndrome -so well i could recognize it in my sleep.

so what i am going to do now is give myself permission to wallow, because, right now, i am just not strong enough to overcome anything, and i know i am not the only person out there going through this. Continue reading “a bitch of a thing”

praha, day 1

Photo by Megan Eavesevery building in prague is beautiful. i am not kidding. even the ones that are junked out and covered in graffiti are, like, amazingly beautiful. they all seem to be various shades of gold, yellow and rose pink and walking around here is like the best, most magical day at disneyland. only it’s real. even they way the paint is perfectly faded and chipping off in places seems planned – like they designed it that way to make it seem older and better. i keep walking under these huge stone archways that are like about a gazillion years old and believing that, around every bend, i’m going to stumble upon the ‘pirates of the caribbean’ ride. Continue reading “praha, day 1”

abq in my rearview, prague on the horizon

Photo by M.G. Bralleywe’ve given it 10 long months, but we are saying good by to ole new mexico. for some reason, in the past two weeks since bill found out that he was hired by the prague post (that’s right, in the czech republic), we have done nothing but celebrate and consolidate and i have not been able to pull myself up to this blog and write about it. Continue reading “abq in my rearview, prague on the horizon”