a first bourdain experience

The Pepper Pot in Hatch, NM

it is no secret that i’m a huge fan of anthony bourdain, cook and travel foodie extraordinaire. his show, no reservations, is one of the only shows on television that i actually watch regularly, and i thoroughly enjoyed reading his books, kitchen confidential, about his experiences coming of age in the underbelly of the restaurant world, and a cook’s tour, a sort of diary-esque travelogue about eating adventures around the world.

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traveltuesday photoblog: route 66 diner

the 66 diner along central ave. in albuquerque

Route 66 Diner

fantastic 1950s kitsch in tones of pink and turquoise

66 Diner interior

and the best chocolate malt in the city.

Chocolate malt

more about the 66 diner and route 66 nostalgia in albuquerque in my latest examiner article:
“gobble up 1950s nostalgia at the route 66 diner” [tweetmeme]

on being carless in a car society

an 'average-sized' american car one thing that has often struck me upon returning to the U.S. after time abroad is the size of the vehicles. nowhere else on earth do the size of the cars match those of the united states. i distinctly remember after a year and a half in china and 2 weeks in new zealand following it, i landed in san francisco and nearly had a heart attack as my friend’s teeny ford escort buzzed down the highway with huge pickup trucks screaming by.

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