wine diaries: “beginnings”

i have been a wine drinker for the past 7 years, but i have never kept a blog or diary about it successfully. hence the “beginnings in quote marks” title of this blog. two years ago, bill and i unsuccessfully started a wine diary in which we vowed to tear off the labels of every bottle of wine we drank and review them in a special book we got. alas, that never happened (big surprise?). anyway, i am very proud of this little stash we got today, and the act of buying it got me to thinking about how you don’t have to be rich to enjoy wine. Continue reading “wine diaries: “beginnings””

on taking the 66 bus

taking public transport in the western united states is not like elsewhere. in fact, around here, you are lucky if public transport exists at all and, unless you live in the exact right part of town, it probably won’t do you much good.

but we’ve been taking a lot of public transport in albuquerque since we moved into our apartment in university heights and it has served us well. but the 66 bus deserves particular attention. Continue reading “on taking the 66 bus”

on getting a u.s. green card

some of you may not know that, since october, bill and i have been working to apply for his u.s. green card. this mysterious process is very seldom talked about on the INTERWEB except on dodgy forums where you never know just who you’re actually talking to. so, in an effort to put some information out there about this process, i’m going to start blogging about it occasionally.

just to be clear, a green card is otherwise known as a permanent resident card, and there are several ways to go about applying for this. Continue reading “on getting a u.s. green card”

who would’ve thought…?

Balloon Fiesta
Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, 2009

after all these years, i have ended up back in new mexico. what an interesting irony life is. i suppose perhaps the most ironic thing of all is that i could not be happier to be here. enjoying the blue blue sky and the warmth of the desert sun on my face. the sweet lack of humidity. and green chile, oh yes, green chile. there is so much to love about new mexico. Continue reading “who would’ve thought…?”