on squat toilets…

thanks to the folks over at rocksmyfaceoff.net, i’ve been inspired to revisit a blog i wrote a little less than a year ago. sadly, it died in the conversion between my old iWeb version of gypsytracks and this shiny new wordpress version. so to commemorate this travel tuesday, in all its glory, i give you the infamous chinese toilet blog.

i’ve written a lot about life in china, but i’ve never blogged about the one thing that is the scariest to most westerners: the squat toilet. of course, in something like 75% of the world’s countries, squatters are the norm and, according to this website, a shocking 30% of the world doesn’t use toilet paper, either. now, i’ve gotten pretty used to using public toilets in china (drink beer + street food = piss where you can get it). i even wrote a section about it in my book to introduce china newbies to using a squatter. Continue reading “on squat toilets…”

traveltuesday photoblog: hooters in china

this most awesome of photos was snapped in hooters (yes, the very same) in hangzhou, china before it, sadly, went the way of the dodo bird. there are, in fact, 4 hooters locations in china which make great spots for happy hour specials and hot wings cravings. stacy (left) and i just couldn’t resist getting this photo with the hangzhou hooters girls – a surreal sight indeed.

traveltuesday photoblog: pot o gold

after yesterday’s rant about a movie filled with awful cliches and stereotypes about ireland, i decided to remind myself that all stereotypes are born out of some kind of truth.

here, in county clare, where a rainbow meets doonagore castle flanked by emerald green, it takes little imagination to envision a leprechaun hording his pot of goodies just below.

snapped just north of the cliffs of moher, with ballyvara and coogyulla beyond.

traveltuesday photoblog: new mexicana

this seems to be becoming a theme, in my blogging and in my life, this trying to understand the place i came from and the place i am: new mexico. i think, somehow, posting photos as if i am a tourist in my own state seems to help me work through my issues with being back here, after so long and so many resolutions never to return.

in fact, i am enjoying it.

so here’s your travel tuesday photo blog. a selection of a few snapshots that capture what i think of as “new mexicana” – the unique essence of this place that i fear may be dying. let’s keep it alive, at least in photos. Continue reading “traveltuesday photoblog: new mexicana”

traveltuesday photoblog: autumn in NM

red chile & pumpkins

with winter in full swing, i would like to look back fondly on my favorite time of year: autumn. in october, bill and i, along with my mom and stepdad, took a little day trip to taos, new mexico. along the way, we stopped at roadside harvest stands and bought ripened red chile and admired the perfect round pumpkins. Continue reading “traveltuesday photoblog: autumn in NM”