night walks

i think about darkness a lot lately. about the paradigm that says light is good and dark is bad. about why humans, myself included, are more often than not afraid of the dark. and why we use darkness as a metaphor for fear, uncertainty and evil. is it something primal? there are some easy answers …

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boy and busker on Grafton Street Dublin

on 2012 and things to come

i don't often get sentimental about new year's eve. i rarely, if ever, make resolutions. in our house, this night is more about hunkering down, having a nice glass of champagne and going to bed early, resting in the knowledge that tomorrow is just another day. this year, however, things are a little different. yes, …

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traveltuesday photoblog: hooters in china

this most awesome of photos was snapped in hooters (yes, the very same) in hangzhou, china before it, sadly, went the way of the dodo bird. there are, in fact, 4 hooters locations in china which make great spots for happy hour specials and hot wings cravings. stacy (left) and i just couldn't resist getting …

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