the button club

How to Sew a Button by Erin Briedin a little less than 2 weeks time, myself and 25 other gals will be commencing the button club. this all started about a month ago, when michaela mentioned the book on our VERY SECRETIVE GIRL’S BOARD at the forums. she said she was going to try doing some of the activities out of the book how to sew a button (and other nifty things your grandmother knew), which has since spiralled into 26 of us banding together across dozens of states to attempt a co-blogging project while we try to learn every skill in the book. Continue reading “the button club”

books for the third

as i said in the previous post, i do not make new year’s resolutions. however, recently catching up on my old internet-friend kari’s blog, through a glass darkly, has inspired me to start reading again. kari, who is a librarian and the consummate bookworm, read 128 books in 2009, which baffles my brain but also makes me want to read more. of course, kari tends to read fiction, a genre i’ve never been particularly good with. so, in an effort to put down the computer, which has become an increasingly difficult task of late, and pick up a book, i’ve decided to begin with some titles that inspire me in my passions. [tweetmeme] Continue reading “books for the third”