night walks

i think about darkness a lot lately. about the paradigm that says light is good and dark is bad. about why humans, myself included, are more often than not afraid of the dark. and why we use darkness as a metaphor for fear, uncertainty and evil. is it something primal? there are some easy answers to these questions, and yet taking a deeper look, you cannot see the light without the dark. they are two sides of the same coin. yin and yang.

these are things i am thinking about when i walk at night. the virus lockdown has caused us all different levels of anxiety, and for me going outside during the day has become untenable. there are people everywhere. but at night, everyone tucks themselves away in their homes and the world becomes less scary. this has been an interesting irony to me: the hours when conventional wisdom says it’s most dangerous are, at this time in history, the most reliably safe time to be out and about.

so i’ve been taking night walks. what follows are photos from these walks, a kind of visual diary of london, locked down, after nightfall.


the bright glow centre-right is lewisham hospital.


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